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    Caught on tape: Racoon takes to the high-wires

    10:37 AM, Apr 10, 2013   |    comments
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    UNDATED (CNN) - It wasn't a costumed performer a woman saw walking on power lines, but a raccoon. Feast your eyes on the sight of a wild raccoon upright, walking a tightrope.

    Usually you see them in your garbage, but when Mavis Knight looked out her kitchen window and saw what this raccoon was doing. She thought, "My eyes were playing funny with me. I actually rubbed my eyes like this and looked out again."

    There, outside her Toronto home, she saw a raccoon upright, using utility wires as a tightrope.

    She figured her husband might not believe her story so she took out her phone to document it. it was going from the tree in Mavis' yard to trees a football field or so away.

    Now sure you can see plenty of trained animals walk a tightrope on YouTube, like Rodney the Rat. It took nine months of training for OzzyDog to do it. And a circus can teach a goat to walk a rope with a monkey on its back. But a wild raccoon?

    In honor of its daring hijinks, one YouTuber added James Bond music, but it was less 007, more Flying Wallenda. You know, Nik Wallenda, the daredevil who crossed Niagara Falls last summer on a high wire.

    The trip took Flying Wallenda 25 minutes, but it took flying raccoon-a one minute. Flying Wallenda held a balancing pole while flying raccoon-a clutched a second wire.

    Flying Wallenda was required to wear a safety harness, no harness for flying raccoon-a.

    When Flying Wallenda made it to the other side, he pumped a fist and blew a kiss, but we swoon for the no drama raccoon.

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