An amazing angler that will leave you hooked

    11:13 PM, Sep 19, 2013   |    comments
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    Just about every week you'll find 26-year-old Hunter Baughman on the Arkansas River. 

    "I'm at peace, at home. I feel like I'm doing what I like to do," says Hunter.

    The outdoors is his passion.

    Hunter says, "My whole family fishes. I've grown up, long as I can remember, fishing and I hunt just as much and it's just a way of life."

    A way of life that's become an inspiration for many.

    He explains, "I walk on my knees and just like everybody else, maybe a little slower, but I do anything anyone else can do."

    Hunter's story began when he was just a baby. At 9 months old he contracted bacterial meningitis. 

    "They amputated both of my legs below the knees, all the fingers off my left hand and partial fingers off my right and to look at it as a blessing would be strange in some people's eyes but in my eyes it's a blessing because it's all I've ever known and that's how I've grown up and this is normal for me."

    And there's nothing Hunter says he can't do.

    "I work, I drive a truck, ride a 4 wheeler, drive a boat, fish, hunt, bowl, shoot a compound bow, you name it," he says.

    And recently, THV's Liz Massey had the honor of hitting the water with him.  It's there where Hunter feels he's on an equal playing field with everyone else.

    "I'm just holding the rod across my left hand and just kind of pick up on it like that and when I cast, it's just grab it like this and kind of push with my left hand on the rod," Hunter explains. 

    Hunter's now made it his mission to help others.  He's the Director of Funding for Dream Catcher Outdoor Adventures. The non-profit which relies solely on donations takes adults and children with physically disabilities or who are terminally ill hunting and fishing at no cost. Hunter went on the group's first hunt back in 1999.

    "And to show them it's okay you can still do whatever you want to do, you just got to put your mind to it, it's rewarding," he says. 

    As for the future, Hunter hopes to become a professional angler.
    And with his alluring attitude he's sure to reel in a lifetime of success.

    He says, "Stay positive, stay positive is the biggest thing and if there is a will there is a way."

    And Hunter Baughman is living proof.

    As for his boat, Hunter says people always ask but he's done nothing special to it. And congratulations are in order because Hunter's getting married in a couple weeks.

    For more information on Dream Catcher Outdoor Adventures you can call Hunter at 501-580-2505.

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