Weather 101: Hurricanes & the oil spill

    8:43 PM, Jun 10, 2010   |    comments
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    The 2010 hurricane forecast calls for an above average year for hurricanes and tropical storms. El Nino has weakened which means less wind shear in the tropics. Also, ocean temperatures are running 4 degrees warmer than average. Warm water is critical for storm development.

    The oil spill in the gulf is small compared to a hurricane. Some hurricanes have been almost as large as the entire Gulf of Mexico itself. The turbulence caused by a cyclone would most likely disperse the oil but depending on landfall, the oil could get washed ashore, or get pulled out farther into the Gulf.

    In other words, the oil spill itself will have virtually no impact on a hurricane, but the hurricane will have both a good and bad impact with the oil it interacts with.

    Ed Buckner explains more and notes some more memorable hurricanes to affect Arkansas in this edition of Weather 101.

    To learn more about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, visit our special section on todaysthv.com for the latest tweets, photos and information.

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