Delta Rivers Nature Center is named in honor of former Governor Mike Huckabee

    9:59 PM, Sep 30, 2010   |    comments
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    When you enter the doors of the Mike Huckabee Nature Center, the first thing you notice are all the birds hanging from the ceiling.

    Scattered throughout the center is a variety of animals, and all of them can be found in the wilds of the Arkansas Delta. And though many of them are stuffed, many of them are quite alive.

    The Delta is home to several varieties of snakes. The Delta Rivers Nature Center is all about the animals and creatures that inhabit the delta the lifestyle of the people who enjoy the delta, and even the insects essential to the beauty of the Delta plant life.

    A honey bee hive is actually inside the building. But around the corner you can watch the steady stream of bees coming and going from the hive to the garden outside.

    One of the nature center's most popular attractions looks like a pond full of plant growth. But it's actually a 54,000 gallon aquarium. One that gives you a chance to get face to face with some of the biggest fish in Arkansas.

    In the wild, an albino catfish would be easy prey; but in the aquarium he has almost grown to the size of his neighbors.
    Also in the tank is the alligator gar. They can grow to 10 feet in length -- and more than 270 pounds.

    "I like the snakes because they're just really interesting and cool," says Laura Adams, who is a frequent visitor to the nature center. This is one place she can enjoy watching snakes

    Asked if her parents would let her have a snake as a pet, Adams says, "Probably not. But I do like then a lot."

    "It's really cool. They're cute," says Leah Hendricks. She is fascinated by a young alligator. Like most kids -- she enjoys the variety of critters on display.

    Hendricks says, "I like dong like, like seeing what animals do. And I like doing experiments and stuff."

    Outside you can get a look at a little larger alligator, one that is about seven feet long. Remember that the next time you're swimming in the creek.

    Visit the Mike Huckabee Delta Rivers Nature Center, where the critters of the natural state just might leave you Amazed by Arkansas

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