Fun Fair food with a wooden center

    9:15 AM, Oct 15, 2010   |    comments
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    Without a stick it would be hard to eat a Carmel apple - peanuts or no peanuts. And for the record, Carmel apple sticks are almost always flat. But most other fair food features a round skewer.

    "We got something on a stick. Look at that thing, "says the woman at the corndog stand.

    The corndog is without a doubt the most popular. A patent granted in 1929 included corndogs deep-fried on a stick. By the 1940s, they became the favorite fair food from coast to coast.

    Just keep on stickin' them, and stickin' them straight, and sellin' them big, "Gary calls himself the mega-sticker. He's stuck a few corndogs in his day - and his hand a few times too.

    "Yeah, "says Gary. "That's why we shave the tips down. That way nobody cuts their jaws or their mouth. It's a safety precaution."

    "I want to get a gator on a stick please, "says a customer.

    That's right - she said gator on a stick. Alligator meat and potato slices - battered and deep fat fried. Tyler's not really sure why it got his attention.

    "I don't know, " says Tyler from Lonoke. "I was just trying it for the first time. Now I think it tastes kinda like chicken."

    There is also starch on a stick. "Is the meal enhanced by the stick? Oh I think so, " says Stephanie from Helena. "I think you just take a little bit off and put it in your mouth. Eat a little bit at a time . it keeps your hands clean.

    And then there is the contraption they call the Texas Tater Dog - an extra long hot dog in the middle of a potato.

    Perhaps because Texas is part of the name. But though popular, and by most accounts tasty, the tater dog isn't everyone's favorite.

    "No, it wasn't, " says Hanna from Pine Bluff. "I like the chocolate bacon a whole lot better."

    You'll have blue ribbon fun with fair foods that just might leave you Amazed by the Arkansas State Fair.


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