Fall in Arkansas features great weather and great sights.

    10:22 PM, Oct 28, 2010   |    comments
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    French author Albert Camus once said, Autumn is a second spring, when every leaf is a flower.

    The crisp air of October is bringing change to the hills of Arkansas.
    Bright, vibrant colors in contrast with the green of trees still reluctant to acknowledge the passing of summer.

    It's a gradual change, At first the green chlorophyll fails to make it to the leaf's edges. Soon entire leaves take on the change.

    And though it can be impressive from a distance - the full effect is saved for those who venture into the woods.

    "We love it. It's very different from what we're used to." Larry and Beverly Pala are from Centennial, Colorado.

    They say fall in Arkansas is a worthy spectacle.

    "Different kind of trees, "says Larry. "These are a lot of the hardwoods and all. And we have pine trees and the soft woods back there. Yeah, more vegetation here. You know you still have buildings and all. But it's still imaginable to me to look back in history what it was like."

    "Where we're from you can't see the trees," says Andrew Wilson. "If you do see a tree it's just a simple cedar. We get to Arkansas and it's just beautiful. The variety of trees and there's all kinds of things to do. It's just beautiful here."

    Andrew and his wife, Joyce, came from Oklahoma to see Petit Jean in the fall.

    Joyce Wilson says, "This is our favorite park. We just have a lot of memories here. We love the trails, just enjoying nature with my husband."

    Oliver Wendell Holmes once wrote - a yellow leaf shows itself like the first grey hair amidst the locks of a beauty who has seen one season too many.

    But here in the Arkansas - the beauty comes season after season.
    Fall in the Natural State just may leave you Amazed by Arkansas.

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