Amazed by Arkansas: Blanchard Springs recreation area

    6:09 PM, Jun 28, 2012   |    comments
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    BLANCHARD SPRINGS, Ark. (KTHV) -- Shaded by lush forest and mixed hardwoods, Blanchard Springs campground and recreation area in North Arkansas offers an outdoor haven to visitors.

    From swimming in natural spring water to luring in rainbow trout at nearby Mirror Lake this area will leave you Amazed by Arkansas. Just off Highway 14 outside Mountain View, you'll find a campground where you can escape the stresses of daily life.

    Without cellphones ringing or dinging, partly due to limited service and the other to good old-fashioned summer fun.

    Toni Guinn, Visitor Information Specialist at Blanchard Springs Caverns says, Blanchard Springs Campground provides a new landscape to normal aquatic activity.

    "A lot of entertainment especially if you've got kids. We actually do programs down here in the creek sometimes where we go along with the kids and we talk about what's in the water."

    The swimming area is open to both overnight campers and day-use recreation.
    Since North Sylamore Creek is partially fed by Blanchard Springs, visitors can count on enough water to supplement the lack of rainfall and Guinn says there are plenty of critters to keep the little ones busy.

    "The kids can find crawdads, little minnows, rocks with little holes. Sometimes frogs depending. They can just spend pretty much the whole day down here in the creek just splashing around and the parents can just sit back here on the beach and watch them."
    Stocked full of trout by Arkansas Game & Fish, this pristine green water is an angler's dream.

    Fishing is available from wooden walkways along the bank and waterfalls created by 2 dams provide the sound effects. Guinn says visitors get lured in.

    "That's all the water from Blanchard Springs. It's cold 58 degree water at Mirror Lake. It's all trout fishing "The hiking trails. You can pick up one of those just one the other side here of the swimming area and that's the North Sylamore Creek trail which is 15 miles long.

    From hardcore hiking to a more leisurely stroll to see the actual springs. Blanchard Springs Caverns and campground has something for everyone.
    Including a trail for those who prefer wheels over walking. A 50 mile single track mountain bike trail and Guinn says it gives riders quite a view.

    "Some if it down here at the bottoms, but more of it along the tops going along Green Road."

    An entertaining area no matter the season. In the fall beautiful colors leave visitors wanting more and by summer those trees provide shade from the Arkansas heat. An area that's truly amazing.

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