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    Amazed by Arkansas

    Amazed by Arkansas: Delta Rivers Nature Center

    5:47 PM, Oct 26, 2012

    Situated in the Arkansas Delta, the Mike Huckabee Delta Rivers Nature Center in Pune Bluff allows visitors to become one with nature.

    Amazed by Arkansas: Delta Rivers Nature Center

    2:10 PM, Oct 26, 2012

    Situated in the Arkansas Delta, the Mike Huckabee Delta Rivers Nature Center in Pine Bluff allows visitors to become one with nature.

    THV Extra: Reaching new heights at Mount Magazine State Park

    10:28 PM, Jun 29, 2012

    The highest point in Arkansas boasts a gorgeous view of the country side. Mount Magazine State Park is the top of the state literally--at 2,753 feet in elevation.

    Amazed by Arkansas: Blanchard Springs Caverns

    9:53 PM, Jun 28, 2012

    Blanchard Springs Caverns and Recreation Area in north Arkansas offers a chance to explore the great outdoors and the beauty that exists beneath the Ozark National Forest.

    Amazed by Arkansas: Blanchard Springs recreation area

    6:09 PM, Jun 28, 2012

    Shaded by lush forest and mixed hardwoods, Blanchard Springs campground and recreation area in North Arkansas offers an outdoor haven to visitors.

    Amazed By Arkansas: Indian Flute Maker

    11:07 PM, Nov 18, 2010

    What is art? It's an old question. Is it something pleasing to look at - or something that makes a beautiful sound? Could it be both?

    Amazed By Arkansas: Historic Washington State Park

    11:11 PM, Nov 11, 2010

    It was one of Arkansas' most prominent cities of the 1800's.
    Now the former Hempstead County seat is known as Historic Washington State Park.

    Amazed By Arkansas: Arkansas Railroad Museum

    10:16 PM, Nov 5, 2010

    At the turn of the century railroads were the primary mode of transportation for both people and freight. Steam power brought civilization to the Wild West. And in Pine Bluff there is a place where they actually once built steam locomotives.

    Amazed By Arkansas: Fall in the Natural State

    10:22 PM, Oct 28, 2010

    In just a few nights trick or treaters will take over the streets of your neighborhood. And before you know it we'll be pulling a turkey and stuffing from the oven. It is officially Autumn.

    Amazed By Arkansas: Schaefers Family Corn Maze

    9:54 PM, Oct 21, 2010

    It's a curious sight at first: red flags floating through a 10-acre corn field. But this is no ordinary corn field. It's a very popular cornfield.
    And when I say popular, I mean hundreds of cars full of people popular.

    Amazed By Arkansas: Food on a stick at the Arkansas State Fair

    9:15 AM, Oct 15, 2010

    It's an onslaught of sounds, sights, and smells, the Arkansas State Fair features the standard fair fun. And for those not so fond of the round and round attractions, there are a number of establishments that feature cuisine with a wooden center.

    Amazed By Arkansas: Mount Magazine

    9:50 PM, Oct 7, 2010

    It is like no other place in the state of Arkansas. They call it the state's highpoint.

    Amazed By Arkansas: Delta Rivers Nature Center

    9:59 PM, Sep 30, 2010

    What is part museum, part zoo and part nature trail?

    Amazed By Arkansas: Trail of Tears Remembrance Ride

    11:27 PM, Sep 23, 2010

    The path thousands of Native Americans used on their way to Oklahoma passed right through Arkansas.

    Amazed By Arkansas: Battle of Reed's Bridge

    9:55 PM, Sep 16, 2010

    147 years ago, Central Arknasas was the scene for several Civil War battles.