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    When baby won't stop crying

    10:48 PM, Jul 18, 2011   |    comments
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    UNDATED (KTHV) -- In Tonight's Healthy Child report Doctor Bryan Burke with Arkansas Children's Hospital says you may have more than just a fussy baby.

    Most babies cry when they need something done, when they're hungry, dirty or sleepy. But if they cry and cry and cry they may have colic.

    Developmental pediatrician Doctor Katherine Burns with Arkansas Children's Hospital says babies with Colic can cry for several hours at a time and are more difficult to console.

    "For some children they need to suck a lot, so using a pacifier is good. For others, they like vibration, so putting them in a bouncy chair or swing might help."

    But what if it doesn't? Burns says, "If a child is totally inconsolable and you can't get them to calm down at all for more than an hour or two at a time, you probably need to go see a physician and make sure there's nothing wrong with the baby."

    Burns says no one knows what causes Colic. "We think that Colic is related to neurologic immaturity but parents will say that it seems like the babies are hurting in their belly for some reason.

    We usually don't recommend changing formula but rather recommend small feedings and making sure you're not over feeding the baby burping really well, making sure the babies not too gassy." The good news is colic usually goes away by three or four months of age.

    If the constant crying is more than you can take, there is nothing wrong with putting them in a different room and letting them cry while you go to another room and recompose yourself. Or, maybe give grandma a call and she can give an hour long, cry free break.


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