Today's Healthy Child: Let baby come naturally

    10:33 PM, Aug 1, 2011   |    comments
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    UNDATED (KTHV) -- These days there's really no mystery with having a baby.

    Most couples choose to find out the sex of the baby as soon as possible and some couples go as far as to schedule the birth at the time they want.

    In today's Healthy Child report-Dr. Bryan Burke with Arkansas Children's Hospital says that's not always good for the baby.

    "Full term is 37-weeks and up but that's just the definition. You really want your baby to be 39 or 40 weeks," says Burke.

    Why do women schedule their deliveries early?

    If you schedule your baby to be born at that time, if it's more convenient for you; perhaps you have a grandmother who lives out of state who wants to be at the hospital at the time of the delivery, then the baby's gonna be too early.15:59

    What are consequences of intentional early delivery?
    Babies who are smaller don't regulate their temperature as well and they tend to get cold. They tend to have breathing problems if they have more breathing problems and they don't get over them as quickly. They tend to get infections more commonly they tend to get low blood sugars and so instead of keeping their blood sugar up on their own, they have to come to the nursery and put an IV into their little hands.

    Are there valid reasons for early delivery?

    There are very valid reasons that an obstetrician or family practitioner might steer a mother into having a baby early. Reasons that relate to the baby's health. Reasons that relate to the mothers health. but that is the exception.

    What is your advice to women considering having their baby by appointment?

    My advice to them would be the advice mother gave me. Be patient , things will happen when they're supposed to and let the natural process take it's own course. You'll be thankful that you did.

    What Burke thinks about the topic

    Any cook will tell you if you take a cake out of the over too soon, it's not going to taste as good. the same thing applies to a baby. There's a reason they need to stay in there until they're full term because they're going to be the best they can be if we allow that to happen.

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