Nocturia associated with urinary tract infections

    8:42 PM, Mar 14, 2011   |    comments
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    Those overnight trips to the bathroom aren't just annoying, they could be the sign of an underlying health issue.

    Cleveland Clnic Urologist Dr. Stephen Jones says, nocturia, as its called, should not be ignored; "The health issue really could break down into two different categories. One might be that there might be an abnormality with the bladder. Oftent in men, that might have started with prostate enlargment which causes some impact on the bladder itself.

    And then the other issue is some people just make a lot of urine at night. So, it'simportant to recognize if you're making a lot urine at night that's obviously not a bladder or prostate problem, but it may be a an indicator of other problems."

    A recent study found one in five U.S. men, get up at least twice a night to empty their bladders. Nocturia could be associated with urinary tract infections to diabetes to chronic heart failure.

    The constant sleep disruptions can also cause problems, including falls in older adults. Dr. Jones says the bottom line for men is if nocturia becomes bothersome, they should talk with their doctor. He explains, "Probably the big key is whether it really bothers you or not. so, if it doesn't bother you, maybe it's ok. Maybe you like to sit around and drink tea or coffee or hopefully not anything worse than that, all evening, and then you're going to get up and go to the bathroom a lot. But if it bothers you, if you're a poor sleeper, then you really should probably see one in hopes of improving the actual impact on you."

    Overnight potty breaks increase with age and are more common among african american men. Dr. Jones says to cut down the amount of fluids you take in after dinner to helpu cut down your overnight bathroom trips.

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