A little extra in the middle can do a lot of damage

    6:13 PM, Jul 4, 2011   |    comments
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    UNDATED -- A recent study found that just an extra four inches on your waist could increase your risk of death from heart disease and other chronic illnesses.

    For Dr. Stuart Berman, taking care of his own health was crucial.

    His weight was getting out of control, and his number were all in the wrong place. Extra weight increases the chances of developing high blood pressure or diabetes. That's when he enrolled in Emory University's Heartwise program.

    Emory University's Preventive Cardiology physician Dr. Laurence Sperling says, "The advice I would give is for a man whose putting on extra weight is to seek the advice of their doctor or health care provider to reassess their risk for heart diease and make a plan for prevention."

    The good news, Sperling says, often a modest weight loss of five to seven pounds, can make a real difference in lowering your risks for devloping chronic illnesses.

    As for Berman, he found exercises that worked for him by exercising consistently and watching his diet.  He was able to lose 60 pounds.

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