Salvation Army Angel Tree donations slipping

    7:04 PM, Dec 12, 2012   |    comments
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    NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Every year The Salvation Army in Central Arkansas relies on donors to fulfill thousands of holiday wishes. This year those donations have been slipping off and the charity is hoping with one week left, donors will step up and give back.

    The Salvation Army Angel Tree at McCain Mall is still full of angels in need of adoption. Kathy Barbeire, director of public relations for the charity, said there are close to 300 angels still needing gifts.

    "We looked at the angels Sunday, because we noticed donations had dropped off and we were really surprised because they had been flying off the trees," she said.

    Now, in the final stretch, Barbeire fears the angels left are there for a reason.

    "We noticed that most of them had things like bicycles and handheld games, and we're concerned that maybe people in the community are intimidated at the price of the wish items. So, we just want to reiterate that it's less important that the child gets what they want and more important they get what they need."

    Isis Connor with Delta Dental of Arkansas said she pitched in with several members of her marketing department to help spread out the cost of adopting two angels.

    "For anyone who can't adopt an angel on their own, if they can do it, get some friends together and do it just like we did. It's our department and adopt a couple of kids if you can."

    It's been said the best gift is giving and Connor, along with her co-workers, said that statement couldn't be more true.

    Barbeire encourages other large groups and individuals to get involved in giving. She said unfortunately they can't fix every situation that comes their way, but they can produce smiles on Christmas morning.

    "At least for this instance, we might not be able to get them caught up on their utility bills; we might not be able to do everything to make this family whole, but the best we can do provide a merry Christmas for their children," she said.

    If you're not able to adopt an angel, Barbeire said you can donate your time.

    They need volunteers to help hand out gifts on Dec. 19 at the distribution center.

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