Chris Olsen on floating delights, flavored water

    6:00 AM, Aug 1, 2012   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Chris Olsen from Botanica Gardens always has great advice on home and gardening projects.

    Segment 1: Floating delights
    Some of you may have a water garden outdoors but did you know that you  can have a water garden indoors with floating beauties. That's right your very own water garden that is simple, clean, but yet beautiful. All you have to do is find that right clear glass vase. May be something tall or for that matter a short glass bowl. Just fill with water and float some water lettuce.  You can find water lettuce a most local garden centers that sell aquatic plants. Make sure before you place the water lettuce in the vase to gently wash the suspended roots so your water stays nice and clear in the glass container. You can add some river rocks is you like and even a fish or two for the kids or the kid in you.  

    Segment 2: Flavored water
    Refresh yourself and your family with homemade flavored water. Drink dispensers are great containers to show off your flavored drink.
    Here are a few flavors:
    1.  Add sliced pineapple directly into your water.
    2.  Add watermelon slices with sliced cucumbers.
    3.  Add honeydew melon slices with slice cucumbers and grapes. 
    Let these waters stand with the fruit and ice for about 1 hours or so before you drink. This will allow the flavors to be absorbed into the water.

    Check out the videos for step-by-step instructions! And you can always visit Chris at Botanica Gardens, located at 1601 Rebsamen Park Road, for help on any gardening projects.

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