Today's Home: Decorating for the holidays

    7:27 PM, Nov 16, 2012   |    comments
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    When it comes to decorating for the Holidays, some of us, including myself, get so overwhelmed. We don't know where to start, and it almost gets confusing. To take the stress away, I'm going to tell you what I do each year.

    First of all, I decorate slowly. I like to start early in November. I might decorate my mantle one night, and the next day, I'll do my dining room. Maybe two days later I'll do the kitchen, so it's not all done in one day.

    I also sketch out my things and areas before I go shopping. For example, I drew out what I wanted on my mantle. I knew I wanted to do two big pots on both sides of the fireplace, and I wanted some type of Christmas trees to go in it.

    After I have a list of everything I need, I go shopping. Of course, my plan may change, but that's okay.

    When you get to the store, walk around it three times to check out the merchandise. On the third time, start picking up the products you want. I do this because it all somehow starts to fall together at that point.

    When you are buying your stuff, don't buy just one. Spend a little money and buy at least three to five items, and before you know it, you have a great product that you fall in love with. Then, you can make it work when you go home.

    So, my homework for you this holiday season is to chill out, relax, pre-plan, and sketch it out. Pick out what color scheme you want, then go shopping.

    You're watching Today's Home, and I'm Chris Olsen.

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