Today's Home: Attracting Hummingbirds to your garden

    4:26 PM, Aug 30, 2013   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - You know attracting wildlife to your garden is all the rage, and I have to admit that I love birds. When I go outside and hear the birds singing, it makes me wonder how I can attract more birds.

    Now, a lot of us really like Hummingbirds because they are so small and cute. A lot of us do us Hummingbird feeders. There is a range of feeder available from designer feeders to the basic plastic feeder, which I actually prefer because Hummingbirds are attracted to the color red.

    You can make the nectar yourself by mixing together food coloring, sugar and water, or you can buy it already pre-made which honestly is a lot easier and its very affordable. You can either get it in the liquid form or buy it in powder form and mix it yourself.

    If you have extra, all you have to do is keep it in the refrigerator and it won't spoil. Nectar should only be in a feeder about three to four days. After four days, it starts to get cloudy. You want to remove it and wash the feeder at that time.

    Don't forget to plant the flowers that they love. They love flowers that are more trumpet-shaped because they have more nectar. They are attracted to the colors red, orange and yellow. Orange Hibiscus is absolutely perfect along with yellow roses and hostas.

    Add a lot of flowers and a Hummingbird feeder, and you are sure to have a whole yard full of Hummingbirds.

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