Floating pumpkins revisited

    4:53 PM, Nov 1, 2013   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -Last year, I showed you how to float pumpkins in a pool.

    Now I didn't have this elaborate design I just had about fifteen or so pumpkins floating here and there and it really worked! I was kind of worried it would look like a big pot of stew but it didn't. This beautiful orange color against the blue bottom of the pool worked.

    Now, if you don't have a pool don't worry. Maybe you have a Koi pond or a fish pond or maybe you even have a bird bath - just use smaller pumpkins.

    First you have to determine what is the best kind of pumpkin to use. You don't want to use the old fashioned Jack O'Lanterns because they are going to bob a little bit too much. Instead you want something big and kind of flat like the Cinderella Pumpkins or the Fairytale Pumpkins. They won't always spin or turn around so they really work well. But this year I took it a step further. Remember what I always tell you - outdo yourself from what you did last year. That is exactly what we did this year. Instead of just having pumpkins floating here and there we created our own design.

    So basically our pool became kinda like a pool table, because we created these triangles out of cut bamboo. Bamboo floats and it will last months and months in a pool. We tied them together with twine them we filled them or shoved them full of all different types of Cinderella Pumpkins in all different types of colors - so we created our own type of floating pool art and it looks really beautiful.

    These are going to last probably until Thanksgiving but some may rot so buy a few extra just in case so you can replace them.

    I'm Chris Olsen - always outdo yourself.

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