Dr. Pait opens up his medical mailbag

    7:35 AM, Nov 4, 2013   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- No matter what the question, no one can stump Dr. T. Glenn Pait with UAMS. He's cracking open up his medical mailbag to answer your questions.

    These are the questions he covered:

    -I'm a menopausal woman. Do you know of any special diets to help reduce hot flashes and those terrible night sweats?

    -Which is better for you, whole vegetables or vegetable juices?

    -I'm thinking about buying a bicycle for exercise. What do you suggest I look for in a bicycle helmet to make sure it's a good one and a safe one?

    -I'm just a little bit overweight. A friend told me if I drink coffee, it can help me lose weight. Can coffee help me lose weight?

    -When I touch the area behind my knee it feels like it's filled with fluid. Should I see a doctor or will this swelling go away with time?

    Click on the video to hear his answers. And if you have a question for Dr. Pait, you can send it to askthedoctor@thv11.com.


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