Chris Olsen: Winterize plants, Thanksgiving table decor

    7:03 AM, Nov 6, 2013   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- THV's lifestyle guru Chris Olsen has some great ideas to help your plants survive winter and decorate your Thanksgiving table.

    Winterizing Your Sensitive Plants

    Baby it's getting cold outside, so you know what that means? It is time to bring your tropical plants and cold-sensitive plants indoors for the winter if you want to see them next year. Such plants as geraniums and any tropical delights need to be first sprayed with an all-purpose insecticide and then apply a granular systemic insecticide and water well outdoors. Let drain and dry and then bring indoors or in your garage. Make sure you give them plenty of bright indirect light and keep away from a heat vent.

    To winterize your geraniums in order to save them for next year all you have to do is the following:

    Clean off soil. Carefully dig up the plant before the first frost. Shake off the soil so that the plant is bareroot.

    Store the plant. Roll the plant up in newspaper, or place in a paper bag. Some gardeners simply hang the plants upside down. Regardless, store in a dark, dry, cool place. A basement is perfect. Two or three times during winter, soak the plant in water for 1-2 hours, remove any dead stems or leaves, then return to storage after it has dried.

    Replant in Spring. When weather begins to warm, pot the plant up in fresh soil, keep it well-watered, and watch it grow!

    Thanksgiving Entertaining

    Thanksgiving Centerpiece:

    Thanksgiving is a special time of year for offering thanks, so let's do just that with a unique centerpiece! You will need: six clear glass vases, some twigs, styrofoam, and card stock which will be utilized to spell out "THANKS." Cut squares of styrofoam and hot glue the square to the inside of a clear glass vase. (Repeat each step six times.) Gather twigs and paint them using acrylic paint; we painted them orange. Insert the painted branch into the styrofoam base. Cover styrofoam with moss. Next, cut six large circles of one color from card stock (or find them precut), and six smaller circles of another color. Glue the smaller circle on top of the larger circle. Using a marker, write "T" on the smaller circle. Repeat this step spelling out "THANKS." Hole punch at the top of the larger circle and tie a loop with twine. Hang each letter on a different branch spelling out the word. Be sure to spell out "THANKS" on the back side of each circle as well so that both sides of the table can enjoy the centerpiece!


    - 6 clear glass vases (dollar store)
    - Twigs
    - Acrylic paint/ paintbrush
    - styrofoam blocks
    - Hot glue gun/ hot glue
    - Card stock (2 different colors)
    - Twine
    - Moss

    Thanksgiving Pumpkin/Apple Place Cards:

    Create a festive and unique fall pumpkin or apple place card for your Thanksgiving meal using styrofoam balls, silk flowers, and twigs! Hot glue either orange or red small silk flowers onto a small styrofoam ball until the ball is completely covered with flowers. Once covered, insert a small twig to create a "stem." Using card stock, write each guest's name and hot glue the name onto the twig. You now have a fun addition to your Thanksgiving table!


    - Styrofoam balls
    - Orange or red small silk flowers
    - Small twigs
    - Hot glue gun/ hot glue
    - Card stock/ marker


    Thanksgiving Table Runner:

    Here's a fast yet fun way of creating a table runner using craft paper and ribbon! Simply unroll craft paper to fit the size of your table. Hot glue any color ribbon onto the craft paper for a fun and elegant pop of color to the table. We chose orange ribbon and created a large "X." For an extra fun touch to the table, write directly onto the craft paper the names of the dishes that have been prepared for the Thanksgiving meal. This table runner makes for easy clean-up as well!


    - Craft paper
    - Ribbon
    - Hot glue gun/ hot glue


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