Asparagus with Summer Vegetable Vinaigrette and Goat Cheese

    2:43 PM, Jul 23, 2007   |    comments
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    3 lbs Asparagus use jumbo or large 2 1/2 cups Summer Vegetable Vinaigrette room temperature 5 TBLS Kosher Salt approximate amount 1 TBLS Black Pepper fresh ground 10 to 15 ounces soft Goat Cheese METHOD TO TASTE: 1. Trim bottoms of asparagus, by removing approximately 1 1/2 to 2". Can discard or save for a separate use. 2. Peel the asparagus from the middle of the stalk all the way to the bottom. This is about half of the stalk is peeled. 3.In a large pot, with cold water, add 2 tablespoons of salt. 4. Bring water to a boil, add asparagus to the water, bring it back to a boil. 5. Continue cooking asparagus until stalks are tender. 6. Remove asparagus and place in a bowl or container with ice water that has 1 TBLS of salt. 7. Leave stalks in ice water until cooled completely, about 15 minutes. 8. Drain asparagus completely and dry off with a paper towel. 9. Place asparagus in a large enough mixing bowl, and add vinaigrette to the bowl around the edges. Season with salt and pepper. 10. Toss the asparagus completely, until well coated. Check seasoning. Adjust. 11. Place stalks on platter, all pointing in same direction. Pour vinaigrette over the stalks. 12. Crumble cheese over asparagus and serve.

    John State, Executive Chef, JW Marriott, Grand Rapids Michigan /

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