Amy's Adoption Story: One Year Later

    12:22 PM, Dec 6, 2012   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - One of the girls adopted through the "A Place to Call Home" series is 14-year-old Amy.

    She was featured in July 2011, when she was 12 years old and desperate for a home, feeling that nobody wanted her.
    That story captured the heart of a woman in Dardanelle.

    "I probably watched it 10-15 times, probably more than that. She was just precious," remembers Erin Aylor, who already knew about Amy from her church's prayer list after Amy's adoption fell through.

    Then she saw Amy's story on THV 11.

    "I felt bad for her, I felt bad she had been in foster care that long," Aylor said."[Listening to] her talking about when her adoption fell through - that made me really sad."
    So Aylor turned that sadness into action, and created a lifebook.

    "We put pictures in of our family, we show what our house looks like and they do this so when a foster child comes to a house they know what to expect, they're not so scared."
    Soon Aylor learned her family had been approved to meet Amy, and could give her the book themselves.

    "They gave it to me and I was like, really?" Amy said. "And I saw all the pictures and I'm like 'I think this is gonna be the best family in the whole world'"

    "It was fabulous, we met at the Cracker Barrel in Alma so every time we go by there we say 'that's where we met'!" Aylor explains.

    Since she's been with Aylor's family, she's decorated her room, helped decorate her first Christmas tree, went to the beach for the first time, and purchased her first set of school pictures.

    She also go a bonus ...two little brothers, Max and Asa.
    "I love 'em. I really love my parents and my brothers and my whole family and I just love them," Amy says gratefully.

    She's not the only grateful one. Aylor feels the same way, saying, "I wake up every morning and I love being her momma. She wakes up with a smile, goes to bed with a smile, and we're all kinda goofy together. So that worked out good."

    "I just feel like the Lord, he's put our lives together with certain things to be her mom and her dad."

    And so now, Amy cries for very different reasons.

    "I feel like I'm safe, with a family, and God," she says through tears."I just wish every foster kid would get adopted right now. There's a lot of kids right now suffering pain"

    "There's a lot of people hurtin' out there and who's responsibility is it? A lot of people say 'oh somebody else is gonna do that," Aylor says. "Well, who's somebody else? That's up to us."

    Click here to watch Amy's original story from July 2011.

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