Dr. Pait opens up his medical mailbag

    6:21 AM, Jun 18, 2012   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- No matter what the question, no one can stump Dr. T. Glenn Pait with UAMS. He's cracking open up his medical mailbag to answer your questions.

    These are the questions he covered:

    -My mother sits under an umbrella at the beach. Does she still need to wear sunscreen? She doesn't like the way it feels on her skin.

    -I heard you make a statement that computer keyboards are dirtier than a public toilet. It made me think - how dirty are our smartphones?

    -How did Chicken Pox get its name?

    -I'm a coffee lover. For convenience, I drink instant coffee. I'm aware regular coffee has many health benefits. Is instant coffee just as good for you and does it have health benefits like regular coffee?

    -You answered a question about computer keyboards being filled with bacteria. Is the computer keyboard the dirtiest place in an office?

    Click on the video to hear his answers. And if you have a question for Dr. Pait, you can send it to askthedoctor@todaysthv.com.

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