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    Dr. Pait opens up his medical mailbag

    5:43 AM, Sep 3, 2012   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- No matter what the question, no one can stump Dr. T. Glenn Pait with UAMS. He's cracking open up his medical mailbag to answer your questions.

    These are the questions he covered:

    -I'm described as an uptight individual and a friend of mine says switching hands can help calm you. I have no idea what that means. Any ideas?

    -My husband and I play golf several times a week. Does that count as aerobic exercise?

    -I try to swim as often as I could this summer for exercise but I now have an achiness in my right shoulder. Sometimes it's tender to the touch. A friend said I have developed arthritis in the shoulder. I'm only 39. Could it really be arthritis?

    -My periods have turned bright red. Is that normal?

    -I just had a new baby and my husband says I'm more absent-minded than before the baby. Is "mommy brain" a real thing?
    Click on the video to hear his answers. And if you have a question for Dr. Pait, you can send it to askthedoctor@todaysthv.com.

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