Dr. Pait opens up his medical mailbag

    6:29 AM, Sep 17, 2012   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- No matter what the question, no one can stump Dr. T. Glenn Pait with UAMS. He's cracking open up his medical mailbag to answer your questions.

    These are the questions he covered:

    -My husband is a smoker. He's tried to quit, he can't and doesn't want to quit smoking. Are there any special vitamins he can take because he's a smoker?

    -My wife and I have started eating more salads to become healthier. Any advice about salad eating and the best greens to buy?

    -My son is a senior in high school and skips breakfast. He says he doesn't have time; skipping breakfast is healthy because he doesn't add calories in the morning. Is skipping breakfast healthy?

    -I'm a 55-year-old man who has a real problem with sweating. I've had overactive sweat glands all my life. I soak through shirts before I reach the office in the morning. I've heard there's a new treatment for people who sweat too much, it uses a microwave. So what do you think?

    -My husband and I are smokers and we're thinking about trying electronic cigarettes. Is it a good idea, bad idea or should we just forget about it?
    Click on the video to hear his answers. And if you have a question for Dr. Pait, you can send it to askthedoctor@todaysthv.com.

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