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    William Stanton murdered in 1997

    5:52 PM, Oct 20, 2010   |    comments
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    • William Stanton
    • William Stanton
    • Earsie Carter

    Today's THV continues our mission here at Today's THV to shed light on the countless unsolved murder cases in Arkansas. "Cold case? That's a frozen case," says Earsie Carter.

    Her pain is deep. The loss of a child has been devastating.

    Carter explains, "He liked living. He loved life."

    Carter is a determined mother with the goal to see her son's killer convicted.

    Carter admits Stanton been in trouble before, mainly with drugs. She says, "Why would a person like to take another person's life. What had he done so terrible that you decided that he shouldn't live anymore."

    It was Feb. 10, 1997. Two men spotted Stanton dead in a field off Faulkner Lake Road in Pulaski County. Police think someone lured him to the remote area for one purpose, murder.

    She says, "You would only go down that road if you lived down that road or if you were up to something you had no business being up to."

    Investigators tell Today's THV the killer shot Stanton and when he tried to run he was shot again. They say drug trafficking was the likely motive.

    "He's been in trouble before. Like I said, he's no angel. The things that he would do I would hear him and his cousins giggling and carrying on. 'I was like you all are going to get caught.'"

    Through police interviews with those who knew Stanton, they learned he was well liked. He really had no enemies which is why detectives suspect someone from out of town may be responsible.

    But for Carter, her faith is running low. It's been 13 years and she's losing hope.

    She says, "You wonder if he would have children, would he be married? But those things you don't know because they were taken away just like that."

    But then she remembers her promise to her son. It's her promise to keep fighting. She's determined to find answers and determined to know why.

    "I know owe him that. I owe that to his sisters and brothers," she says.

    If you know any information, you're urged to call the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office at 501-340-8477.

    If you know of an unsolved murder or missing persons case, e-mail us at news@todaysthv.com.

    Today's THV's Arkansas Cold Case series airs every Wednesday on the "THV 10:00 Difference."

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