Conway PD report spike in car break-ins this month

    10:45 PM, Jan 23, 2013   |    comments
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    • Incident Map (Photo: Conway Police Department)

    CONWAY (KTHV) - There's been two dozen car break-ins all over Conway just in the last few weeks, and police said in at least six cases, the victims actually helped out the criminals by leaving their valuables in plain sight.

    Anna Scott got into her car Wednesday evening with pieces of glass still inside from a recent break in.

    "When I came out, all of it was busted out except for a tiny section right here," Scott said, referring to her front passenger window. She gave THV 11 pictures of the damage that happened last Friday night after a stop at a friend's apartment.

    "I thought it was just going to be like a "hi-bye" kind of thing, so I didn't think anything of it," Scott said.

    She left 20 to 30 minutes later and found $600 worth of her things, including a debit card, gone.

    "He got my purse, my wallet and my backpack, whoever stole it. I don't know," Scott said.
    Scott's car break-in was actually among 24 break-ins reported to Conway police so far this month. Three others happened in the Salem Nursing Home parking lot. Police reports said that a suspect broke through a window in two of the cases. And in the third case, the car was left unlocked.

    Scott said that she locked her car the night of her case but still left valuables in plain sight.
    "My purse was sitting in my front seat and the backpack was in my backseat," Scott said.
    But after all this, she added, "I'll either carry it with me or put it in my trunk, that's for sure. My mom's been telling me for 20 years not to leave anything in my car, but it's a lesson learned."

    Other stolen items from these cases include an iPhone charger, a nursing license and $60 cash. In two cases at the nursing home, reports said the suspect threw some purses in a nearby dumpster, which were later recovered by police.

    Police want to remind everyone, whether you live in Conway or not, to keep those valuables out of sight and lock that car door.

    Police don't have any suspects yet in the specific cases THV 11 mentioned in this story. As for the rest of them, a police spokeswoman was unable to tell us if there have been any arrests.

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