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    'Kids, Life and Money' teaches kids fiscal responsibility

    6:43 PM, Dec 21, 2012   |    comments
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    CONWAY, Ark. (KTHV) -- Money is for some a necessary evil and others say it makes the world go round. Either way, if you don't know how to manage it, money can become a nightmare. That's why one Conway after school program is teaching kids fiscal responsibility before they make those bad decisions.

    It may look like just a game, rolling dice and picking numbers, but students like 13-year-old Jakayla Storey are gaining a lot more than a few laughs.

    "I learned about checks and I learned about saving money and how I should save ten percent at least and now I save my money much better because of the money class," said Storey.

    "You have to start at an early age educating about the management of money," said John Kelley, a Certified Financial Planner who created the program 'Kids Life and Money' in 2004.

    Kelley said it is an effort to teach children responsible money practices. From counting back change to balancing a checkbook, kids as young as ten years old are learning to do it all.

    "We can make mistakes here on paper and talk about consequences of that in real life without that affecting them versus them going through that in real life and going through bankruptcies," said Kelley.

    From how credit works to the importance of saving, Storey said it is this after school program that is preparing her for adulthood.

    "I see people just throw away their money in vending machines and stuff, and I know to safe at least 10%. It's taught me ways to be successful but also not forget about family and things I actually need and not just my wants, and I need to get my needs before I get my wants," said Storey.

    The Kids Life Money program doesn't focus just on money. They also have arts, crafts and tutoring after school. The cost per student is $25 a week but Kelley said any child with a willingness to learn will not be turned away.

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