UALR preps students for active shooter situation

    6:21 PM, Aug 27, 2013   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - "Think fast" may be an understatement when an armed intruder threatens the classroom. UALR students acted out their ambush of a shooter in what would be a dangerous situation during an active shooter training Tuesday.

    "I think the most effective thing to do is when he comes in, everybody throw stuff at him and try to distract him, and when he's distracted, everybody rush up to him and take him down," said Darrius Racy, a UALR freshman.

    Racy joined more than 100 classmates at the class. The group looked at hypothetical threats and how to approach them.

    "I feel safer after doing it, and it also just raises awareness," said Racy.

    Assistant dean of students Richard Harper said awareness is step number one. The group focused on action steps to save lives. Knowing how and when to communicate can be the difference in life and death.

    "The biggest takeaway is being aware... having a survival mindset," said Harper.

    For Racy, the class gave him better insight on how to be ready in critical moments.

    "Be prepared; just start thinking about that stuff more often. Whenever you walk into a classroom, make sure you look at the exits or something to get behind, just in case that does happen," said Racy.

    The class emphasized knowing what shots sound like, and if you think you've heard gun shots, don't brush them off. Experts say to go ahead and assume the worst until you're sure the area is safe.

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