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    Election Results

    State Rep. Dist 96 Republican
    Precincts Reporting: 11/11 (100%)
    Last Updated: 2014-05-08 11:03:27
    Damon D. Wallace   (R)
    Grant Hodges   (R)
    Governor Democratic 
    Governor Republican 
    Lt. Governor Republican 
    Attorney General Republican 
    Auditor of State Republican 
    State Treasurer Republican 
    U.S. House Dist 2  Republican 
    U.S. House Dist 4 Republican 
    State Rep. Dist 14 Republican 
    State Rep. Dist 16 Democratic 
    State Rep. Dist 19 Democratic 
    State Rep. Dist 22 Republican 
    State Rep. Dist 32 Republican 
    State Rep. Dist 36 Democratic 
    State Rep. Dist 41 Republican 
    State Rep. Dist 43 Republican 
    State Rep. Dist 46 Republican 
    State Rep. Dist 50 Democratic 
    State Rep. Dist 52 Republican 
    State Rep. Dist 63 Republican 
    State Rep. Dist 68 Republican 
    State Rep. Dist 76 Republican 
    State Rep. Dist 87 Republican 
    State Rep. Dist 88 Republican 
    State Rep. Dist 90 Republican 
    State Rep. Dist 93 Republican 
    State Rep. Dist 94 Republican 
    State Rep. Dist 95 Republican 
    State Rep. Dist 96 Republican 
    State Rep. Dist 98 Republican 
    State Senate Dist 9 Republican 
    State Senate Dist 14 Republican 
    State Senate Dist 17 Republican 
    State Senate Dist 18 Republican 
    Arkansas Co. Judge Democratic 
    Clark Co. Judge Democratic 
    Clark Co. Sheriff Democratic 
    Cleburne Co. Judge Democratic 
    Cleburne Co. Sheriff Republican 
    Conway Co. Judge Democratic 
    Dallas Co. Sheriff Democratic 
    Faulkner Co. Sheriff Republican 
    Garland Co. Sheriff Republican 
    Hot Spring Co. Sheriff Democratic 
    Johnson Co. Judge Democratic 
    Johnson Co. Sheriff Democratic 
    Logan Co. Sheriff Democratic 
    Logan Co. Sheriff Republican 
    Lonoke Co. Sheriff Republican 
    Monroe Co. Sheriff Democratic 
    Ouachita Co. Judge Democratic 
    Ouachita Co. Sheriff Democratic 
    Phillips Co. Judge Democratic 
    Phillips Co. Sheriff Democratic 
    Pike Co. Judge Democratic 
    Pope Co. Sheriff Republican 
    Prairie Co. Sheriff Democratic 
    Saline Co. Sheriff Republican 
    Searcy Co. Judge Republican 
    Stone Co. Sheriff Democratic 
    Circuit Court  Dist 1 Div 5 at Large 
    Circuit Court  Dist 1.2 Div 3 
    Circuit Court  Dist 2 Div 2 at Large 
    Circuit Court  Dist 2 Div 10 at Large 
    Circuit Court Dist 4 Div 1 
    Circuit Court  Dist 4 Div 3 
    Circuit Court Dist 6 Dist 6 Div 13 - SubDist 6.2 
    Circuit Court Dist 11 W Dist 11 W Div 3 - SubDist 11 
    Circuit Court Dist 11 W Dist 11 W Div 5 at Large 
    Circuit Court Dist 12 Div 4 
    Circuit Court  Dist 14 Div 2 
    Circuit Court  Dist 15 Div 3 
    Circuit Court Dist 17 Div 1 
    Circuit Court  Dist 18 E Div 2 
    Circuit Court Dist 19 E Div 1 
    Circuit Court Dist 20 Div 1 
    Circuit Court  Dist 20 Div 2 
    Prosecuting Attorney  District 17 
    Prosecuting Attorney  District 19 West 
    AR Supreme Court  Associate Justice Pos. 2