6th graders join fight against distracted driving

    6:52 PM, May 21, 2010   |    comments
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    Students in Ms. Lewis' English class recently wrote essays on the dangers associated with distracted driving.  

    At 11 years-old, Jordan Taylor can't drive a car, but she says she's aware of the dangers associated with distracted driving.
    "A lot of people die during that and are severely injured and it's just really dangerous to do that," she says. 

    Recently, Jordan and her classmates at Pulaski Heights Middle School wrote essays outlining the dangers drivers face when they call, text and e-mail while behind the wheel.

    Jordan's mom, Leslie Taylor, says her daughter brought the message home.

    Leslie says, "Jordan came home and said, you know mom you're always on that Blackberry of yours, reading e-mails and phoning. It really scares me."

    This is how Jordan says she got her mom to hang up the phone.

    Jordan says, "When she was driving I just kept nagging her to stop and finally she stopped."

    Jordan's mom says it was hard to put her Blackberry away while driving, but the voices from the backseat won her over.  Jordan says she is thankful for Ms. Lewis' class assignment.

    Jordan says, "It just makes me feel safer that my mom's not going to get hurt or something like that and I love her a lot.  It makes me feel a lot happier."

    Leslie Taylor says not dealing with the phone while driving has been a freeing experience. "Now, it's my down time when I can be alone with myself or with my children and concentrate on driving the car," says Leslie.

    And Jordan's classmates are also spreading the great hang up message.

    Sixth grade student, Aly Jameson says she gets onto her older brother for using the phone when she's in the car.
    "My brother, he's 16, and sometimes I make him pull over when he gets a call," says Jameson. 

    Sixth grader, Kaleb Ficklin has this message for his mom.
    Kaleb says, "Mom, look at all these other people who have gotten in accidents.  That could happen to you and I don't want that to happen to you because you're my mom what could I do without you."

    To find out more on our The Great Hang Up campaign, we have a section dedicated to it on todaysthv.com where you can sign our pledge and find more stories on how stopping distracted driving will save lives.

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