Total of distracted drivers in Arkansas

    6:09 PM, May 25, 2010   |    comments
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    It's been part of our effort to stop distracted driving - through The Great Hang Up. Tuesday night, he totals his findings and brings you some alarming final numbers.

    We traveled to intersections in Benton and Little Rock with no real expectations of what we'd find once we got there.

    Each time out, we charted all visible distractions between 4:45 p.m. and 6:45 p.m. as drivers began their weekends.

    Of the four stops we made, we charted 1,128 instances of distracted driving in eight total hours. That breaks down to roughly two and a half distracted drivers per minute that we witnessed.

    "Some might not realize what they're doing," says Cpl. Alvernon Rogers.

    It's a number state Rogers says he's not surprised by at all.

    "We see it every day constantly - everybody's on the cell phone or doing something while in their car. It's hard enough to drive as it is, but now when you add those additives, then we've got a problem, and it's a problem we might not completely understand."

    Rogers says for every two seconds we spend checking texts, dialing a number, changing a CD or giving in to a driving distraction, we travel close to two hundred feet blindly. That's close to the distance from home plate to the fence at a ball park here at Little Rock's junior deputy field.

    And it's just a second that can make all of the difference between being alert behind the wheel, or being one of the thousands involved in some sort of car accident caused by distracted driving.

    Rogers says they will continue enforcing laws currently in place.
    But, he also hopes simply having a police presence on Arkansas' roadways - coupled with The Great Hang Up, will compel drivers to stop the distractions.

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