The Great Hang Up draws to a close

    6:45 PM, May 26, 2010   |    comments
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    It began on April 29, with an emotional story from Springdale.

    Merry Dye told us how a year earlier, her daughter had been killed because of texting while driving. This would begin a series of stories over the tragic consequences of distracted driving.

    We also brought in an endless stream of experts, with testimonies over how much danger is out there because of distracted drivers.

    We even setup an obstacle course and had excellent drivers try to negotiate the twists and turns while texting and driving. And finally, we sent our own Charles Crowson out on the road,l to catch drivers in the act.

    We asked viewers to take the pledge. In the end, over 2,000 were convinced enough to go on line and sign up. Frankly, that's not a lot. However, it's 2,000 drivers who recognize what kind of trouble we're all in when drivers attempt to answer or make a call or even worse, a text.

    Despite the end to the promotion, the mission will continue. We are urging all Arkansans to change their lives in hopes of saving lives.

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