Preventing distracted driving from becoming deadly

    8:10 PM, Oct 25, 2010   |    comments
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    In a day, where everyone wishes everything was at their fingertips-- for some car lovers, it virtually is.

    From voice-activated radio, to climate control, to a built-in phone system, the new 2011 Ford Taurus seemingly has it all,

    But one thing it doesn't have to do is watch traffic as it manipulates its various functions.

    "We already have very many things we have to focus on when we drive successfully," says neuropsychologist Jennifer Gess.

    Some say all it takes is a little practice.

    "It's just like any technology all it takes is a little time and you get compfortable with it and it becomes second nature," says J.D. Crow of Crain Automotive.

    Second nature not to be mistaken for I can do everything at the same time says Gess.

    "It also places us at far greater risk from the task at hand," says Gess. Granted cars like the new Mercedes E-class comes with automatic driving features as well, but cruise control or this reverse dash cam is about the closest you'll get to auto pilot.

    Now, not knocking all the make life simple features, but drivers do have options. "Just turn it to silent or turn it off," Gess says.

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