The Great Hang Up: Hang up the phone during holiday traffic

    11:06 PM, Nov 18, 2011   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark (KTHV)--The shoppers are bustling and the decorations are going up.

    Though holidays are usually a happy time, they can bring some headaches when it comes to crowds, stress and of course, traffic.

    Target employee Marty Brooks says he's already seeing the hustle of holiday shopping the week before Thanksgiving.

    "A lot of angry people. A lot of people in a rush. A lot of frustration, stuff like that." says Brooks.

    Holidays bring more traveling for many people. Special visitors from miles away can be unfamiliar with the roadways they must travel. That last minute trip to the store can often become a traffic disaster. Add a cell phone and it's a holiday surprise no one wants to get.

    "How can you see who's coming towards if you're looking down at your phone? I don't believe in risking somebody else's lives to receive a text message when you can, you know, see it in five or ten minutes." says Brooks.

    Brooks says he doesn't make or take any calls while behind the wheel.

    "A phone call? That's why they invented wireless calls--that's why they invented blue tooth! Some people don't believe in 'em because they say it affects your hearing but driving around and stuff like that? They do come in handy."

    Brooks also reminds us to speak up if we are riding passenger.

    "I'm too paranoid myself. I wouldn't dare NOT say anything to anyone because by me NOT saying something, it could be the last time I could see them because of them texting!"
    Phone usage is for outside of the car.

    When the holiday spirit is up, and you buckle up, remember it's best to hang up.

    Brooks says, "If anything, wouldn't you want to live to see that next holiday? I know I would! Especially if you're riding around, you got your family in the car...it's just not that serious! Text messages? Just not that serious."

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