5 health benefits of orange juice

    6:11 AM, Feb 7, 2014   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- A tall glass of orange juice is the very image of refreshment, packed with vitamins and radiating with sunshine freshness. Here are five health benefits of orange juice.

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    1. Maintains Blood Pressure Levels - Orange juice is the amazing drink for the patients of high or low blood pressure. It contains a significant amount of magnesium - which has a wonderful ability to bring back blood pressure levels to normal range.

    2. Contains Healing Properties - Oranges contain anti-inflammatory flavonoids. When you eat this fruit in raw or juice form, the flavonoids work amazingly to treat arthritis and heal the stiffness and pain.

    3. Treating & Preventing Ulcers - Ulcers generally appear in the small intestine and stomach. Orange juice is helpful in treating and preventing ulcers - and stimulates the digestive system.

    4. Assists with Weight Loss - Many people believe that the regular consumption of orange juice is helpful for cutting down the extra pounds, claiming that this citrus fruit is full of anti-oxidants, which act efficiently to lose weight.

    5. Keeps Skin Youthful - Anti-oxidants with the combination of Vitamin C, protect the skin cells from being affected by free radicals. Drinking one serving of orange juice each day is a great way to maintain youthful skin.

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