Update: Anne Pressly's Father Speaks With Reporters

    8:50 PM, Oct 24, 2008   |    comments
    • Guy Cannady
    • Anne Pressly
    • Dr. Clifton Johnson
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    Pressly's father Guy Cannady says, "We have already seen tangible results in the magnificent power of prayer and are steadfast in our conviction that our Heavenly Father's hand is on Anne."

    For the first time since the attack, Anne Pressly's father talked about his daughter's condition.

    "She suffered an unbelievably vicious attack which has resulted in massive injuries to her head, face, neck, and hand. Anne fought back heroically with an attempt to fight off the attacker and save her life."

    Dr. Clifton Johnson, a critical care physician who has been treating Pressly, says staff is "guardedly optimistic" about her recovery. The bruising and the swelling continue to subside, still though she remains heavily sedated in critical but stable condition. Johnson says Pressly has been able to respond physically, but not yet verbally.

    He explains, "Each day we watch, and we'll see how she progresses. As she continues to progress, her vital signs remain stable, that tells us that we continue to I guess you could say if you are looking at weaning support, we would continue to wean whatever support we are looking at."

    And while Pressly's father prays for justice, he says he wonders about the attacker's true motives and if his daughter was targeted.

    "Obviously, this was an incredibly heinous crime. It was a crime that was done maliciously and viscously and as long as the perpetrator is out there in my opinion there are other people at risk."

    Police meantime, still call it a random robbery, but aren't ruling out a stalker.

    "We believe in the power of prayer and the Holy Spirit and His intervention on Anne's behalf and we feel that is an absolute key factor in Anne's recovery and her mother and I's ability to endure this tragedy," Cannady says.

    Meanwhile, her father urges anyone who has information on the attack to come forward. Call 501-371-8477 or 501-371-TIPS.

    To watch Friday's entire press conference with Pressly's father, just click play on the video box.

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