Day 2 Of Curtis Vance Murder Trial In Anne Pressly's Death

    8:45 PM, Nov 3, 2009   |    comments
    Curtis Vance
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    So far, 11 jurors have been seated, eight men and three women. Judge Chris Piazza says the 12th juror and the two alternates will be chosen Wednesday. He also hopes to begin opening statements Wednesday because witnesses are flying in to testify so he wants to keep the trial on schedule.

    The courtroom has been packed with reporters jotting down notes as the potential jurors are being interviewed. People are brought in and interviewed one at a time, and asked about what media coverage they have watched. The process continues until a group of six is formed, then the group is interviewed as a whole.

    Jury selection was slow-going Tuesday.  Attorneys had only interviewed one group Tuesday by 1:45 p.m. and they settled on a group of five. This after two people said they couldn't think of any circumstance to uphold the death penalty. One man said he couldn't presume Vance innocent until proven guilty. All five were dismissed and court recessed until 2:30 p.m. By 4:30, three more jurors were selected, bringing the total to 11. Eight were chosen Monday.

    One potential juror, Bill Spradlin, was sent home by Judge Piazza after he expressed that he didn't have the energy to sit through a trial that's expected to last two weeks.

    "They didn't ask me any questions, they just figured I'm 91 and it would be too much for me and I just told them, sometimes I feel every bit of those 91 years," Spradlin told Today's THV.

    Meanwhile, the one woman who said Monday that she knew nothing about Pressly's death, said Tuesday she recalled that her son received a text message about her death and that Pressly had interviewed her son one time. She remained in court as jury selection continued.

    A woman also walked into the courtroom, said hello to the judge and that she is Vance's mother although she is not. She then paused and then walked back out of the court. The judge took a break after the disruption.

    Pressly was found beaten in her Little Rock home in October 2008. She never regained consciousness.

    Vance gave police three taped statements, two audio and one video. His story changed with each statement, including one in which he blamed two others for her rape and murder.

    Vance is charged with capital murder, rape and burglary. He has pleaded not guilty. He could face the death penalty if convicted. The trial started Monday and Piazza said the murder trial could last two weeks.

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