Woman returns almost $2000 in cash

    11:06 PM, Feb 25, 2010   |    comments
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    • Ron Hastings has been an officer in Little Rock for several years.
    • WIlma Lawson found the cash on the ground outisde a store
    • Ron stopped to shop at this Sherwood store Tuesday and lost his money

    Tuesday, Hastings decided to get out by himself for the first time - a trip to the store for groceries so he could fix dinner for his wife.

    "Because normally I don't carry that much money with me but I had taken some extra out to pay some medical bills," he says.

    Hastings recalls, "And I was rolling around in one of those wheelchairs that they have there, and I've got a temporary handicapped sticker.

    "And I wheel myself out, manage to get my groceries loaded and my crutches in the truck. And when I got out of the wheelchair, I guess when I put my money back in my pocket it didn't make it. And it fell down between my leg and the wheelchair. So when I stood up it fell on the ground."

    "I got a really good parking space and it was right next to the disabled and I thought wow how lucky could this be," says Wilma Lawson, who decided to stop at the store only minutes away from her work for juice.

    She couldn't have been more than a few minutes behind Hastings.

    Lawson explains, "And I got out of the car and there was just this wad of money flappin' in the wind, and I thought, 'Oh my gosh!' I seen that and all kinds of things were going through my mind, you know I could spend this on a refrigerator now."

    Lawson picked up almost $2,000 in cash and put it in her purse.
    She realized no one would know if she kept the cash.

    Lawson says, "The though hit me. But as soon as the thought was there, my stomach started really bothering me and my head started hurting and I just , I thought no, this is not the right thing to do."

    Lawson took the $1,721 to the Sherwood Police Department and told them where she found it.

    By then, Hastings was re-tracing his steps. The manager at the store told him another customer found a large sum of cash and took it to the police.

    Soon Hastings had his money back in his pocket, and a new appreciation for his fellow man.

    Hastings says, "It was like God had reached down and patted me on the back and said have faith because there are people out here that are still good.".

    Lawson says she just couldn't take the cash. "This was somebody else's money and they probably needed it a lot more than I did. It wasn't mine. And that's all that went through my mind, it was not mine."

    Lawson still needs a new refrigerator. But she's glad the money is back in the right hands. And Hastings is glad honesty isn't really a thing of the past.

    Hastings adds, "No matter how bad our economy gets, or whatever your life brings to you, understand that there are still good people out there. And you can be one of those good people."

    People just like Wilma Lawson.

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