West Memphis Three: Actor joins fight for Echols, Baldwin, Misskelley

    9:44 PM, Feb 26, 2010   |    comments
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    In the 1994 trails of Damien Echols, Jessie Misskelly and Jason Baldwin, prosecutors presented the teens' taste in clothes and music as evidence of their guilt.

    West Memphis police arrested the then teens for the murders of three eight-year-old boys, Christopher Byers, Micheal Moore and Stevie Branch. A search team found them beaten, one dismembered.

    P=Police say the killings were part of satanic ritual and Echols, Misskelly and Baldwins' affinity for metal music and black clothes severed as proof.

    Actor Johnny Depp is joining the fight to get the WM3 freed.

    "There's nothing from the crime scene that links Damien or Jason or Jessie to these crimes. There's not a shred of evidence, nothing there, there's no physical evidence," Depp said.

    Misskelley did however, confess to police that he and Baldwin helped Echols with the murders.

    But he later recanted the confession and his lawyers say he has the mental abilities of a five-year-old and was pressured by police.

    The media has dubbed the men the West Memphis Three and their story has spread across the nation.

    Depp is part of a growing list of supporters, which also includes two parents of the three victims.

    CBS's 48 Hours is airing an investigative story this weekend.

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