Gary Dunn Murder Trial: Dunn the real killer, prosecutor tells jurors in Nona Dirksmeyer case

    5:57 PM, Apr 15, 2010   |    comments
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    A special prosecutor is telling jurors they're trying the right man, only several years too late, in the death of Dirksmeyer.

    Dunn is accused of stabbing and beating Arkansas Tech Student  Dirksmeyer, in 2005. 

    Thursday, after opening statements lawyers turned to their witness list. The list includes Kevin Jones, Dirksmeyer's boyfriend and the first man charged with her murder.

    It may be near the end of the alphabet but the letter Y is at the forefront of the state's opening statements.

    Prosecutor Jack McQuary says y-chromosome DNA found on a condom wrapper, is evidence that capital murder defendant Gary Dunn killed Nona Dirksmeyer, in 2005. It's the DNA pattern shared by male relatives.

    Prosecutors say police questioned Dunn, who lived in the same apartment complex as Dirksmeyer.

    McQuary acknowledged in opening statements Thursday that Russellville police made mistakes when they investigated Dirksmeyer's 2005 death and zeroed in on her boyfriend, Kevin Jones. Jones was acquitted in 2007. Jones is expected to testify.

    The state says when police interviewed Dunn for the second time, after Jones' trial, they also questioned members of his family including his mom and by then his estranged wife. McQuary says their story about Dunn's whereabouts the day Dirksmeyer was killed didn't match-up.

    Once the defense team started its case, it was almost as if Jones was back on trial. Lawyer Bill James argued he intentionally tried to throw off police, calling him Mr. CSI.

    The state on the other hand, used Dunns' own words as a sign of his guilt. Attorneys say a recorded jail house call captured him saying to his mother if they really had the evidence they say they do, I would have been convicted three years ago.

    The state says Dunn's mother's words to police also further the case against him. According to police, she made him promise he didn't have anything to do with the murder, something they say she wouldn't have had to do if her son had been with her all day like they both claimed.

    Judge William Pearson has issued a gag order in this case. The witnesses listed aren't permitted to talk publically about the trial. 

    Dunn, 30, faces life in prison or the death penalty if convicted of capital murder in the 2005 beating and stabbing death of Dirksmeyer.

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