Campaign ads hit Arkansas airwaves

    6:25 PM, May 11, 2010   |    comments
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    It's not your average grassroots campaign. This year some candidates are using the tube for drum up much of their support, primarily in the democratic U.S. Senate race.

    "Not only are we seeing the advertising from the candidates themselves but we're seeing those outside committees especially in the senate race, the so called 527's come into Arkansas in a big way," says political analyst Rex Nelson.

    Labor unions like the Service Employees International Union have spent close to $1 million in support of Bill Halter.

    According to Kantar CMAG, which tracks political ads, the amount of money spent on television spots on the democratic side of the U.S. Senate race has topped $5 million.

    Over $2 million even coming in from outside interest groups. Some analysts say that Senator Lincoln has spent more on this democratic primaries than she did her entire 2004 campaign.

    Lincoln even being backed by the President of the United States in a radio ad.

    But even with all the time and money, are these ads actually working?

    "It actually makes me think that they are being childish and i disregard them," says Addie Bonsall.

    "I don't like it. I think they should take that money and put it in schools. We have homeless people in Arkansas, build shelters for them," says Terry Teitelbaum.

    Dave Carter says, "I like to see them to see whether or not the candidate is really interested and how hard they want to fight for the position."

    Even so, the one candidate without the mega ad campaign D.C. Morrison, analysts say may be a key factor, possibly creating a runoff in the democratic primary.

    If you would like to find out more about all of the candidates running for all of the elections being held in Arkansas, check out our Profiling the Candidates section.


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