West Memphis police shooting: Suspects Jerry, Joseph Kane

    12:38 PM, May 22, 2010   |    comments
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    • 16-year-old Joe Kane and Jerry Kane Jr.
    • (Left to Right) Crittenden County Sheriff Richard Busby and Deputy W.A. Wren
    • Sgt. Brandon Paudert and officer Bill Evans
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    No word why officers pulled over their white minivan Thursday morning or what led to the gunfire that killed two West Memphis officers. Meanwhile, Crittenden County Sheriff Richard Busby and Deputy W.A. Wren are recovering from gunshot wounds.

    Friday, we learn more about how Kane and his son lived, from Ohio authorities and their family. Kane's new wife tells a Memphis newspaper he and his son moved from Ohio to Florida several years ago. Donna Lee says 16-year-old Joe Kane didn't go to school and his mother died three years ago. Police believe they were driving back to Florida when they were stopped in West Memphis.

    Thursday ended with Sgt. Brandon Paudert and officer Bill Evans shot and killed, Crittenden County Sheriff Dick Busby and his Chief Deputy W.A. Wren critically injured and the suspects Jerry Kane, Jr., and his son Joe killed in a shootout.

    On the video, here is Jerry Kane in one of many public videos speaking about mortgage fraud. He and his son travelled the country holding seminars that included anti-government sentiments and conspiracy theories such as the government inserting people with microchips.

    In a seminar video, Jerry Kane says, "If I'm going to die today, I'm going to die today. I'm not concerned about dying. I'm ok, I am ready to die." He continues, "My wife and baby daughter are already up there (heaven), but I'd be worried about leaving him (my son)."

    Kane's wife of three-months, Lee confirms the white minivan belonged to Kane and that he owned an AK-47 he took to shooting ranges during trips. The van is registered to an Ohio organization called "House of God's Prayer".

    New Vienna, Ohio Mayor Keith Collins talks about the building the organization owns. He says, "They were part of the Aryan Nation back in the 90s but they weren't really active because I think their headquarters was somewhere down in Claremont County so they just used this basically as a base and just a mailing address and held church services here back in the 90s."

    Lee rejects any connection with a white supremacy group.

    Friday, Clark County, Ohio Sheriff Gene Kelly said Arkansas State Police called him about Kane. He explains, "This man has been having confrontations with authority for years and finally the result is that law enforcement officers paid the ultimate price for that."

    Ohio police confirm Jerry Kane has a long history of violations including driving without a license, bad checks, criminal trespassing, drunk driving and assault.

    Visitation for Paudert and Evans is Sunday from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the West Memphis High School. Both funerals will be held Monday at the school. Paudert's is at 10 a.m. and Evans' at 2 p.m..

    Click here to see the memorial page for the Kanes.

    Stay with Today's THV and todaysthv.com as we continue to put the pieces together.

    Associated Press: 
        An Ohio man's resentment of authority and run-ins with the law prompted a local sheriff to warn that he may be dangerous if confronted by law enforcement. Years later, it appears the sheriff was right. 
        Authorities said Friday that 45-year-old Jerry Kane Jr. of Forest, Ohio, and his teenage son Joseph Kane fatally shot two Arkansas police officers during a traffic stop Thursday in West Memphis. Father and son were later killed in a shootout. 
        Jerry Kane publicly questioned the government's authority and had a long history with police. 
        Sheriff Gene Kelly in Ohio's Clark County says he warned law enforcement about Kane in July 2004, after Kane complained that a judge "enslaved" him when he was sentenced to six days of community service for traffic violations.



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