Arkansas flooding: Survivors speak out

    12:07 AM, Jun 12, 2010   |    comments
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    Angela Chriss and her family have been vacationing in Langley, Arkansas for close to 25 years.

    She was there with nine family members when she says the river rose 8 feet in three to five minutes, putting her family in the middle of a dangerous current.

    Her 16-year-old son was swept away. "[He was saying] 'Mama, Daddy, please save me, help me, I'm drowning," Chriss says, crying.

    Her 4-year-old grandson was floating with his mom when they sighted three dead bodies. "She said, 'Son, look at mommy, look at mommy,' and they started singing Jesus loves me," Chriss said.

    Chriss and all her relatives survived with non-life threatening injuries. "I just pray that everbody's families are safe," she says. "I know there's several good friends that we made that didn't make it."

    Chriss's family is staying at an emergency shelter with over 100 other injured survivors.

    Kayla Norman was awakened at 9 a.m. Friday morning with a phone call saying four of her relatives were missing: her dad, stepmom and little brother and sister. Ginger Autry's 13-year-old son, Jase, was also with them.

    "I'm not leaving here until I see my daddy's face," Norman said.

    Autry echoed Norman's sentiments, saying, "I just want my baby. That's all I want, I just want to see his face."

    UPDATE: Good news came later for both women. All four of Norman's relatives, along with Autry's son were located with no major injuries around 11 p.m.



    The Ouachita National Forest officials are closing down the popular Albert Pike Campground in western Arkansas Friday after flash flooding caused serious damage to facilities and resulted in a number of Arkansas flood fatalities.

    The campground is located approximately 17 miles from Glenwood, Arkansas on the Caddo-Womble Ranger District.

    Known for rugged terrain and pristine waters like the adjacent Little Missouri River, the campground is a favorite outdoor spot for visitors.


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