Philip Brandon plans to open Rock Town Distillery

    6:12 PM, Jun 23, 2010   |    comments
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    Little Rock will soon feature the state's first legal liquor production distillery since prohibition. Phil Brandon says, "There's this kind of burgeoning movement of small distilleries opening up across the country."

    Brandon, president and founder of Rock Town Distillery, says he wanted to open a distillery focused on local ingredients. Brandon adds, "I don't want to make a Russian vodka. I don't want to make a Kentucky bourbon." He goes on to say, :Arkansas' a great agricultural state, we've great grains & great corn & other fruits and vegetables and things."

    Local products will be used throughout the distillery. From the white Oak barrels made in Hot Springs to the Soft Red Winter wheat from Stuttgart, and the only thing not local is the copper still hand made in Kentucky.

    Brandon says he hopes this is a tourist stop not only for visitors to the state but for locals as well. You can take a tour of the distillery for a small admission price.

    Brandon says, "It'll be unique to Arkansas and hopefully it'll be a fun, educational stop, and of course, always at the end of the tour you'll get a taste."

    Brandon also says he hopes the location will be a hit with visitors after going to the Clinton Library or Heifer International they come right down the street to Rock Town Distillery. Brandon says, "Let's go try the Arkansas' finest vodka or Arkansas' bourbon."

    And Brandon says he has high hopes for Rock Town's success, "We will be hopefully available in liquor stores, bars, restaurants, hotels here locally. If we do well, then sure we can expand." 

    You can find out the latest with the distillery by reading the Rock Town Distillery blog online.

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