Dr. Randeep Mann bombing trial goes into day 2

    5:59 PM, Jul 13, 2010   |    comments
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    Melissa Pierce told jurors Tuesday that her husband was "absolutely charred" in the February 2009 blast, and says her husband didn't recognize her moments after a homemade bomb exploded in their driveway.  

    Pierce is chairman of the Arkansas State Medical Board and Dr. Randeep Mann, a physician sanctioned by the board, is on trial for the bombing.

    Melissa Pierce told jurors that her husband is methodical and predictable, parking in the same spot every day and driving the same route to work daily. She says that since the bombing they've put up gates to secure the driveway at their home.

    Melissa Pierce was the first witness called by prosecutors, who did not mention Randeep Mann during their direct examination.

    Jurors also heard from Pierce's housekeeper, Velma Gales, she actually spoke about what she saw the evening before the explosion. She described seeing a man near a stop sign, outside Dr. Pierce's house. She said he stood out, because he was running in place but going nowhere. Plus, he wasn't wearing running clothes.

    Prosecutors were able to call 9 witnesses to the stand in total.

    Monday, Dr. Randeep Mann's trial began after the seating of 12 jurors with 3 alternates followed by opening statements by both the prosecution and the defense.

    In their opening statement, government attorneys say not only is there no forensic evidence linking Mann to the explosion, they're not even arguing he is the one who placed the grenade outside the doctor's car.

    Instead, they say there is enough evidence Dr. Mann had a motive, access to explosives and the will for revenge.

    The motive according to prosecutors was losing his authority to legally write prescriptions.

    The defense argued at least forty other doctors were disciplined during Dr. Trent Pierce's tenure as the chairman of the state medical board. The defense also argued it's not a crime to collect guns.


    (Source: Today's THV & The Associated Press)

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