Dr. Randeep Mann guilty in bombing of Dr. Trent Pierce

    6:24 PM, Aug 9, 2010   |    comments
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    A federal jury convicted Dr. Randeep Mann on Monday of plotting the February 2009 attack against Dr. Trent Pierce.  

    Prosecutors say Mann sought revenge against Pierce because he was furious about being repeatedly disciplined for over-prescribing painkillers.

    The Mann family offered the only outward signs of emotion. Sangeeta Mann, or Sue, was also on trial with her husband. The jury found her guilty of obstruction of justice. The Mann family cried out as the judge read the guilty verdicts.

    "We stand before you very please with the jury's verdict they obviously listened to the evidence very carefully and deliberated very carefully as they were charged to do," says Jane Duke with United States Attorney for Eastern District of Arkansas.

    Prosecutor Karen Whatley were standing next to Melissa Pierce, Dr. Trent Pierce's wife. "This case it was difficult however we had a lot more evidence than just forensic evidence you don't have to have forensic evidence every time you try case and I think the jury understood that," says Whatley.

    The 8 guilty verdicts mark the end of a trial that has lasted five weeks. It's the latest chapter in a story which climaxed last year, with an explosion. Police say a grenade placed inside a spare tire exploded in the driveway of Pierce's house. The head of the Arkansas Medical Board lost an eye and suffered burns and other injuries.

    Prosecutors argue Mann masterminded the bombing in retaliation for the board revoking his prescription writing privileges.

    Defense attorney Blake Hendrix argued Mann should have been acquitted. "We have an abiding conviction that the evidence in this case is legally insufficient to support this jury's verdicts and we anticipate appealing this to the eight circuit court in St. Louis for a legal determination," says Hendrix.

    The jury acquitted Sue man for lying to a federal jury, and Randeep Mann for the illegal possession of a shotgun. The defense says it will file an appeal after the judge sentences the Mann's, hat could take up to 90 days. Sangeeta Mann faces up to 20 years in prison. Randeep Mann could get life.

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