Ark. Supreme Court to begin webcasting oral arguments this week

    10:10 AM, Sep 14, 2010   |    comments
    • Damien Echols
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    The move is a first for the state Supreme Court, which typically meets weekly to hear arguments in cases that have been appealed. The proceedings will be webcast live on the court's website and will be archived so viewers can watch them after the fact.

    Court officials say the software and cameras cost under $100,000. The ongoing annual cost will be about $20,000.

    Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe says, "They'll be able to kinda glean some of the things the court looks at and the questions the court asks during an oral argument, and its bound to help educate lawyers and students and law students about the law process and hopefully make them better."

    The system will be tested later this month when the court hears the appeal of convicted killer Damien Echols, whose case has drawn attention worldwide. Court officials say they're freeing up bandwidth and setting up extra viewing areas at the Justice Building to deal with the demand.

    Source: Associated Press

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