More than 100 supporters come out for the West Memphis 3

    10:00 PM, Sep 29, 2010   |    comments
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    On Thursday, justices will consider an appeal from Damien Echols, one of the men accused of murdering three second grade boys back in 1993.

    On Wednesday, supporters for Echols and the two other convicted men gather for a vigil in Little Rock.

    More than a hundred supporters of the West Memphis Three came out to a Little Rock church, some from as far away as Australia and Canada, all continuing their call for justice. 

    The story of the West Memphis 3 plays out for this crowd of supporters. They're watching a case cracked too early if you ask them. 

    "There's no way a jury today would convict them, there's just absolutely no way," said Capi Peck, co-Founder of the Arkansas Take Action Group that organized the vigil.

    "I've been following this case for awhile and would like to see justice served," Supporter Adele Lloyd said.

    It was sense of passion burning bright at the vigil for Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley. They were all convicted in the 1993 murders of three boys found bludgeoned, hog-tied and naked in the woods. Echols went to Death Row.

    "Excited but also wary, I have more hope about the Arkansas Supreme Court hearings now than I did six months or a year ago," Echols said.

    Today's THV recently talked with Echols leading up to his fight Thursday before Arkansas State Supreme Court. He's hoping for a new trial in his case.  

    "There's never has been any physical evidence that linked any of the victims," Peck said.

    Supporters also cite witness accounts of another suspect plus previous juror misconduct. Prosecutors and police won't comment on these claims. 

    "I feel like if the court actually sees and pays the attention and I'm sure they will, hopefully they'll do the right thing and let Damien have a new trial," Lloyd said.

    "I'm feeling optimistic, perhaps the eternal optimist. I think this just a necessary step this is Damian's last chance," Peck said.

    Many of these supporters say they'll be at Thursday's oral arguments. They begin at 9 am. We're told each side will get 20 minutes to present their case. 

    These proceedings will also be broadcast online. Cameras were recently installed in the court of appeals for all Supreme Court dockets.  We will also have a live steam on our website.

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