UALR law students weigh in on Damien Echols appeal in West Memphis 3 murder case

    5:44 PM, Sep 30, 2010   |    comments
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    A first time opportunity for students at William H. Bowen School of Law in Little Rock - students and faculty watching on as one of the most high profile cases in recent years went before the state's Supreme Court.

    A discussion followed Echols' appeal.

    Lauren Miller was firing off numerous questions, reveling in the chance to see the big time players at work. "These are some of the best attorneys you can find. It's interesting to see that high caliber."

    Others, like third year law student Daniel Haney, saw a hopeful future before his eyes. "I wanted to see the reaction from the justices on the Supreme Court."

    Dean Felicia Epps served as a moderator. "Maybe one way to put all of this to rest is to have a new trial."

    She tossed ideas back and forth, placing the students in different scenarios, admitting this wouldn't have been possible without the court's new camera system.

    "It gives the public a better sense of transparency, we know what's going on. If we're interested in following this we can do that."

    Thus allowing many students to form their own opinions.

    "The best thing as you just stated for justice is to give these people an opportunity if they so deserve to prove they are innocent if indeed they are," says Epps.

    Epps admits not every courtroom should have cameras, but says this beats fighting the crowd inside and outside the Supreme Court.

    The hearing is archived on the Arkansas Supreme Court website and can be watched at any time.


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