Activity centered near Faulkner County town of Guy

    5:54 PM, Oct 11, 2010   |    comments
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    • Guy is in Faulkner County north of Conway.
    • Police Chief Dave Martini
    • Florence Yearger felt the quake at her mom's house

    It's not the kind of place that normally gets a lot of attention.
    The police chief runs the radar check himself near the city's school zone.

    But at about 8:30 a.m., Chief Dave Martini knew this day would be different. That's when a 3.8 magnitude earthquake shook city hall, and the rest of Guy.

    Martini says, "My first reaction, well maybe we're going to have a bigger one. You know, because I'm from California. So I've been in some big earthquakes. So when this one hit I'm thinking, oh oh, we might be getting into a big one here soon."

    "The rumble and the shake. It happens just like that," says Florence Yearger, who was at her mom's home pouring coffee when the shaking started.

    Yeager explains, "And all of the sudden, the rumble. And as soon as it did it was so powerful that my legs started trembling because I was so scared."

    According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the epicenter of Monday's quake was about two miles south of Guy. But it's not the only quake felt in the area. In fact, since October 1, fifty-six different quakes have been felt here. And four of them have measured 3.0 or greater.

    "Since 11:00 Friday night, just before midnight moving into Saturday, I felt the first one. And it was a three point 0. And then since them I've tracked 16 of them, all epicenters on my property," says Christy Coker, who owns the land where most of the recent quakes have been centered.

    She thinks all the gas exploration in the area is causing instability under the surface.

    Coker says, "This is my home. And I feel like my home has been invaded. And not only that, but I feel that since we are taking advantage of mother Earth, she's beginning to fight back. And I really don't think we'll like the consequences."


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